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Daily archive Aug 26, 2013
Vlad Dragusin - Modern Vintage Toy Cars

Vlad Dragusin – Modern Vintage Toy Cars

A line of vintage toy cars made of solid wood-and-rubber, heirloom construction, and no removable parts, inspired by the 1950’s and 60’s cars. “I have always regarded my work as embodying an entrepreneurial spirit based on a rigorous application and supported by thorough research. While practicing as an architect in New York City and Europe,...
Ester Roi - Colorful riverbeds

Ester Roi – Colorful riverbeds

Ester Roi’s art is characterized by brilliant colors and sharp details and an ongoing fascination with natural objects surrounded or immersed in water. The rocks and flowers in her paintings are observed above and below the surface, and the visual changes that water imparts to their shapes and colors are meticulously recorded. Ester strives to...
Alexandra Bruel - Advertising with Clay

Alexandra Bruel – Advertising with Clay

Alexandra Bruel is a french art director and illustrator based in Paris. She studied graphic design at the Gobelins School in Paris and during her degree she began to work with plasticine. She’s represented by Handsome Frank, a London based agency and she work for an array of clients across the advertising and design sector....
Liza Lou - Kitchen

Liza Lou – Kitchen

Liza’s first large scale work Kitchen, is a life-size replica of a kitchen, covered entirely in millions of glass beads. Every surface—from the cabinet doors to the fresh-baked pie to the swirling dishwater in the sink—is covered with tiny glass beads, all glued by hand. The entire project took 5 years to be finished, Lisa...