• Sumo

Ester Roi’s art is characterized by brilliant colors and sharp details and an ongoing fascination with natural objects surrounded or immersed in water. The rocks and flowers in her paintings are observed above and below the surface, and the visual changes that water imparts to their shapes and colors are meticulously recorded. Ester strives to capture the interplay between realistic images and their abstracted counterparts and to integrate them harmoniously.

After working in oils for several years, she returned to her roots by adopting the mediums she used as a child, colored pencils, artist crayons and oil pastels, for their directness and simplicity. One of her proudest accomplishments is the invention of the Icarus Drawing Board™, a portable, electric drawing board for wax-based drawing media. The heat helps soften or melt the waxy pigments so they can be easily manipulated and blended in a painterly fashion.

“In the last several years I have been painting flowers and rocks and their interaction with water. I study them above and below the surface, and observe how their visual characteristics change and relate to each other.

I relish the contrast between a solid rock above the surface and its restless reflection below; the realistic depiction of a floating daisy versus its abstract, refracted counterpart. I marvel at how a flower can take on a new identity when floating below the surface and I strive to capture its ever-changing shape.” – Ester Roi

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