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Natalia Rak - The Legend of Giants

Natalia Rak – The Legend of Giants

Natalia Rak is one of the most exciting painters and street artists to emerge in Poland’s contemporary art scene, known for her extremely vibrant large-scale paintings. Her last work is this great mural painted as part of the Folk on the Street art festival in Białystok, Poland. More about Natalia Rak’s work here.
Mona Caron - Manifestation Station

Mona Caron – Manifestation Station

A colorful piece of world painted on a standard utility box by Mona Caron. If you look at this box from a specific point and distance, its perspective lines will match the background, providing a glimpse into an alternative reality. Mona Caron is a Swiss-born, San Francisco-based full time artist, freelancing as an illustrator since...
Adonna Khare - Elephants

Adonna Khare – Elephants

Adonna Khare is a Southern California Based Artist. She has been recognized by The Los Angeles Times, U-Press Telegram, and Edward Goldman on NPR. Raised in a small town in Iowa, she has been drawing her family and animals since she was three. Adonna Khare create using the pencil, the eraser and a sock as...